Welcome to Mystery Island!
where all your dreams come true...almost.

So, if the masters would check the island layout link on the main page there is a section dedicated to who stays in which room. If you’re on the list, don’t worry about it. :) But if you and your slave are not on the list, I’ll need you to send in a message - requesting a suite and whichever building you want to be in.

Also, for those who have just been accepted, if you could send your accounts in within 24 hours, that would be amazing. :D

And on a final note before I pass out for a few hours, if you still need a link to the OOC blog, send me a message with your email address and I’ll get you into the blog.
-Admin Missy 


If you are applying for a character - whether it is your first, second, third, fiftieth, whatever - I need you to fill out the entire application, including the OOC section. It’s just neater. <33


Important Updates.

It has come to my attention that not everyone has the new group listed on their page. Instead, when you click on the link leading to the rpg - the link takes you back to the old page. I need everyone to please have the link to the current rpg blog, just in case someone cruising your profile decides to look into the group. :)

Thank you!! <3

This is still the same blog located here, it’s just a new group page since we lost one of the admins. This group is now being run by one person instead of two.