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Anonymous → Can I still send my application here? Because I want to audition for this rp.

Of course! I haven’t fully set everything up yet on the other group, so you are more than welcome to send in your application here!

Announcement ;

I realize that people have finals coming up this week and next week (Dec. 3-14) so I will be lenient when it comes to activity. Personally, I have finals every school day from the 7th to the 14th, so I know what it will be like trying to be online and study.

That being said, I will be performing an activity check on the 16th-17th. I’m working on the new layout for the new blog, and once I’m done I will be making updates and everything from that page this one will be deleted once you’ve had time to follow it. 

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I’m going to be opening an actual blog for the group, instead of having a side blog. So, once I’m finished updating the group blog I will be posting the link for it and deleting the old blog once I’ve given people time to follow the new one.

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Anonymous → Are you still accepting applications or..?

Yes! We are! I’m sorry it seems like we’re inactive. I’m having a lot going on at school, and I’m not sure if I have a co-admin or not so it’s just me running this for the most part. >_>

But yes!


Best Smut RP

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all-the-rp-awards → You've officially been nominated. Good luck.

We have?! Oh my god, that’s awesome.

Edit: I looked through this and omg I’m like…almost screaming right now. First of all, a group I created has never been nominated for anything so allow me to just fangirl for a moment. Okay. Then, our Brittana, Klaine, and Finchel couples have all been nominated for Smut Characters, and Blaine, Kurt, Finn, and Rachel have all won (if I’m understanding this correctly) because we were the only smut characters nominated. GO VOTE FOR BRITTANA AND OUR GROUP TO WIN.

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I’m still here, I promise I didn’t forget about you, loves. I’ve had a rough week school wise, so my activity’s taken a dip but I’m here I promise. Now that it’s the weekend, it should be a little easier. I might not be here tomorrow much (my sister gave me the biggest guilt trip I have ever heard so I’m going to have to hang out with her), but I should be here Sunday.

Plus, I’ll be here for the next 3.5 hours or so! :)

Notice! Please.

If you’re going to change your url, let me know so I can update the follow list. And I still need people to link back to the main rpg on their pages, pretty please?


I need to remind you all that a link back to the rpg needs to be on your homepages, please.

Notice! Characters Reopened.

The following characters have been reopened due to personal reasons.