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I Have Gotten A Few Messages…

Inquiring as to how the setting up of the new group is coming.

For now, the group is closed down. It will be back up in a week or so (maybe a little longer) I need to focus on getting my homework finished, and I would rather bang out the fundamental issues of the group myself. I will be asking for help once I’m getting ready to set everything up again.

I am sorry for the wait though.


So. I know that we didn’t really have time (or I didn’t have time) to organize an actual party for the New Years, I do plan on having a party if everyone wants to do so. It’ll go on for a few days so that everyone has a chance to participate!

Basically, the guards are going to bring up the slaves who haven’t been bought yet or whose masters haven’t arrived yet. There will be a heavy guard presence around the perimeters but the party itself will be guard-free. There will be three tables - one filled with food for a dinner/party, a second filled with desert food, and a third for punch and a fountain (for the punch) on it. There will also be a giant clock set up and their very own ‘ball drop’. There will be a ball - a little smaller than the one in NYC but the same kind - that will be set up on the roof of the first building. There will be a clock set up underneath it counting down to midnight on the island, and starting at midnight there will be a small firework show that will last for about ten minutes.

This way everyone can celebrate New Years together. This will be the group’s first event.

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I apologize for my absence guys. My father was in the hospital, and he’s had three heart attacks in the span of about four days so I’ve been running around like crazy. My father only just got out of the hospital yesterday, and we’re only just getting to have Christmas today, so I’m behind on everything.

I promise that I am still here though, I’m just behind. I’m going to get back to making graphics and such for the new blog and once I’m done with that I will be shutting off this blog - so if you’re not following the new blog yet you will need to do so before this page is closed. If that makes sense, ha.

Niklaus Mikaelson - Accepted!

Of course! YAY! FINALLY! <3 Send in an account, darling.

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Male (OC) - Accepted!

I’m sorry this took so long. My exams just started today, and I’ve been sick all week so getting to a computer is a chore, ha. Anyway, welcome to the group, darling! Send in your account as soon as possible, as well as someone whom you would like to see used as a FC for your character’s master. If you have any ideas for their background, feel free to include those as well.

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The role of Niklaus Mikaelson is now closed! I will be posting the accepted applications that are in the inbox in a little bit - I need to nap first. >_>

I apologize for my absence. All applications in the inbox will be reviewed tomorrow, and roles will be chosen/closed then.

Niklaus Mikaelson (yes, to all you TVD fans out there, I was very lazy in creating this character, ha) will be closing on Wednesday at 4pm CST. So get those applications in, I look forward to seeing them all!